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The Undertaker!

The Origional Dead Man!

6/9/06 01:44 am - isuxatlife18 - Undertaker s. Brock Lesnar

I am watching the undertaker dvd set. I cant believe that they put that match against John Cena from Vengeance 7/27/2003. It wasnt that good of a match and they could have replaced it with a better match that he had. Also that Hell In Cell match between Brock Lesnar was pretty bad as well. They could have left this match off the dvd set as well.

6/9/06 12:48 am - isuxatlife18 - Hey

I made another new mix tonight. This mix is title "phenom: The Undertaker Anthem" hell yes, that is correct. I made this mix about The Deadman, the guy that is in my icon. The Undertaker is an amazing wrestler and well I thought it would be kewl to make a mix about him so I did. Here is the tracklisting for those who care.

Phenom: The Undertaker Anthem
1. Iced Earth - Pure Evil
2. Kiss - Creatures of The Night
3. Bleeding Through - Shadow Walker
4. Kalmah - Moon of My Nights
5. Chimaira - Inside The Horror
6. Rob Zombie - Meet The Creeper
7. Brainstorm - Meet Me In The Dark
8. Children of Bodom Follow The Reaper
9. Danzig - My Darkness
10. Dream Evil - Evilized
11. Iron Fire - Alone In The Dark
12. Nightwish - Planet Hell
13. Old Mans Child - The Soul Receiver
14. Savage Circus - Evil Eyes
15. Crionics -Black Manifest (The Sermon To The Masses)
16. Coal Chamber - Something Told Me
17. Iced Earth - Depths of Hell

Thoughts/Comments/Opinions? What should I add and or what should I take out.

1/31/06 12:24 am - aloniel

hey guys, I'm new :)

Was wondering if anyone had seen the Royal Rumble, it rocked!

4/8/05 09:29 pm - takerslover

these dates aswel

Thurs June 16
WWE SmackDown! Live Event - Glasgow, Scotland 7:30 PM

Fri June 17
WWE SmackDown! Live Event - Aberdeen, Scotland 7:30 P

4/8/05 09:24 pm - takerslover

back in the uk again
Sun June 19
WWE SmackDown! Live Event - Manchester, England 7:30 PM

pleases me greatly as its my birthday week :)

4/5/05 01:57 pm - isuxatlife18 - The Undertaker's World Tag Team Title istory (2 of 6)

Aug. 22, 1999 - Aug. 30, 1999

After laying out Kane & X-Pac, the World Tag Team Champions, on an edition of RAW, Undertaker & Big Show received a title shot at SummerSlam. Big Show and Undertaker's power was just too much for X-Pac to handle, as a Big Show chokeslam and an Undertaker Tombstone resulted in a title change. Undertaker & Big Show would only be able to hold onto the titles for about a week, though, as they ran into the Rock N' Sock Connection.

4/4/05 01:32 am - isuxatlife18 - The Undertaker's World Tag Team Title History (1 of 6)

July 26, 1998 - Aug. 10, 1998

Stone Cold formed another unlikely pairing, this time with Undertaker, but the result was the same as when he teamed with Shawn Michaels and Dude Love - another World Tag Team Championship reign. The two faced Kane and Mankind at In Your House: Fully Loaded and walked away with the championship. They held the titles for a couple of weeks before losing the belts back to Kane and Mankind in a Fatal Four Way Match.

4/4/05 01:22 am - isuxatlife18 - The Undefeatd Undertaker

Results HereCollapse )

3/29/05 09:12 pm - isuxatlife18 - The Undertaker's World Title History (4 of 4)

May 19, 2002 - July 21, 2002

More than a decade had passed since the Undertaker defeated Hollywood Hogan for his first WWE Championship victory. At Judgment Day 2002, the two legends squared off again, with the same prize on the line. As was the case in 1991, Undertaker walked away with the win. It marked his fourth reign as WWE Champion.

3/28/05 01:28 pm - isuxatlife18 - The Undertaker's World Title History (3 of 4)

May 23, 1999 - June 28, 1999

Already a two-time WWE Champion, Undertaker walked into Kansas City on May 23, 1999 looking for yet another reign. His opponent that night was Stone Cold, who was riding high after defeating The Rock at WrestleMania XV. Stone Cold's title reign came to a screeching halt, however, when Undertaker pinned his shoulders to the mat. The victory came with controversy, though. As Shane McMahon, who was acting as special referee, conducted a speedy three count to ensure Undertaker defeated Stone Cold.
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